5 of the Biggest Workout Mistakes

February 12th, 2015 | by

Kudos for making a commitment to working out and getting into shape.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you feel mentally and physically by doing such.  As you move forward with some workout goals, keep in mind that there are right and wrong ways to workout and you definitely don’t want to get caught up in making workout mistakes that could harm you in any way.

Here are five of the biggest workout mistakes that people make when they begin working out:

  1. Not working out with enough intensity

If you are spending time working out, but only putting a little bit of effort in, you might not see the results you want.  In fact, you might get frustrated and stop working out all together. If you really want a solid body, you have to workout with some intensity at times. This is not to say that every workout has to be high intensity, but a few intense workouts per week will help you reach your goals faster.  For example, if you’re just out walking casually five days per week, your intensity level is low and you might not shed the pounds you want. Walking is great, but if you want to lose weight or tone your body solid, you’ll have to increase the intensity and perhaps the time.

  1. Exercising improperly

It is important to perform exercises the correct way so you can avoid muscle strains and injuries. If you’re working out on exercise equipment, be sure that you get instructions on how to manipulate the machine properly.  Most fitness centers have trained staff that can show you how to use the machines correctly.

  1. Not changing up your routine

You might be doing the same workout routine month after month and this is great, but switching up your exercise routine is helpful for conditioning various muscle groups.  What happens when you do the same things week after week is that you hit a plateau and you may not experience the results you want. Change your exercises from time to time, as well as the number of reps and sets.

  1. You set your goals too high

You should have some goals, but if you set them too high, you’ll end up discouraged when you can’t achieve them. Take some time to think about your workout goals and set them wisely. Keep in mind the time you have to put into working out.  Be realistic when you designate how many days you will workout each week. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon and you only want to workout a couple of times per week, it will be tough for you to complete your marathon.  Set realistic goals and then create a solid action plan to follow.

  1. Not stretching or warming up

It is very important to stretch before you workout so that you decrease your chances of muscle strain or injury.  Spend a few minutes doing various arm and leg stretches so that your muscles will be ready to go. Also, start your workout at a slow pace and then increase your intensity to warm your muscles up. This will help your workout go smoother as well.

As you move forward with your workout plans, take these common mistakes into consideration and do what you need to do to avoid them.  You want to be sure that you are exercising correctly so you can enjoy week after week of injury free workouts on your way to a healthy and fit body.