Cross Train For A Hard Core Body

February 26th, 2015 | by

If you want a rock solid body, cross training is perfect for you. By cross training, I mean training your body in various ways. You essentially alter your workouts so that different muscle groups get a workout instead of just exercising one way all the time.  For many athletes, cross training has become a way for them to train to reach their peak performance levels.

For example, if you are a runner and you simply run for exercise, there are some muscle groups that are not getting a great workout. Your arms, for example, are not really getting pumped while running. Although if you hit the weight room a few times a week, your arms will get a great workout.  Alternating cardio and weight resistance training is a great way to cross train.

Professional athletes cross train

You’ll find that most professional athletes cross train so that they can train their entire bodies and have their best performances.  A golfer practices his or her golf game, but he may also play tennis, do yoga, lift weights, or ride a bicycle to train other muscle groups. Baseball players might swim, go rock climbing, or go running for additional exercise.

Those that train via cross training admit that doing the same thing over and over just gets boring, so cross training gives them more options and make it less monotonous.  Here are some great ways you can cross train:

  • Swim
  • Golf
  • Run
  • Lift weights
  • Tennis
  • Biking
  • Soccer
  • Paddle boarding
  • Ski
  • Rock Climb
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Zumba
  • Fitness class

Try to mix your workout exercises up so that you can train your body in a variety of ways.  You’ll notice that you feel stronger all the way around and you’ll get to enjoy various sports and exercises. Don’t be afraid to try new ways of exercising, too. Just be sure to use the correct techniques so that you don’t injure yourself and take it slow when you begin. If you have any questions, simply do some research online, as there are many websites devoted to fitness and health.

Now go ahead and sculpt your rock solid body.