The Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Skin

September 18th, 2014 | by

You might thing that healthy and smooth skin comes from the type of soap you use, but it goes well beyond that. In fact, healthy skin is dependent upon the types of foods you eat, how much water you consume, how stressed you may be, and cleanliness habits.  Healthy skin actually begins on the inside, so it is a great idea to learn how you can work toward flaunting beautiful, healthy skin.

Here are some dos and don’ts of healthy, radiant skin:

Don’t lay out for a tan for long periods of time.  It is great to have a tan, but if you spend many hours out in the sun, the sun can damage your skin. For this reason, it is important to apply a natural sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  If you do lay out, just stay out for small increments of time.

Don’t use a lot of foundation make up.  The more you apply foundation makeup to your skin, the more prone you are to skin flare-ups due to clogged pores.  If you must wear foundation, be sure to wash it off as soon as you get home from being out.  Let your pores have room to breathe freely.

Don’t touch your face. Do your best to leave your face alone, as touching it with your hands can introduce specks of dirt and germs onto the skin, making a breakout more likely to happen.

Do drink plenty of water.  Hydrating yourself with plenty of water will help keep you skin radiant and healthy. It will also help your overall health, as your cells need plenty of water in order to operate as they should.  Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, as this will flush out toxins that have been harboring in your body and layers of skin.

Do eat a healthy diet.  Do your best to eat as many fruits and vegetables each day, as nutrition matters when it comes to the appearance of skin.  The golden rule is to eat at least 5 servings of each per day, so go ahead and eat fruits and vegetables at each meal for optimal skin health.

Do wash you face twice a day.  Gently wash your face twice a day with a natural cleanser. Refrain from using harsh acne cleaning solutions, as these can dry your skin out.  Go with a natural acne cleanser and gently wash your face. Scrubbing your face can damage skin cells, leaving you more prone to a breakout or dryness.

Having healthy and radiant skin is a worthy goal and is feasible if you take time to learn about skin care and apply the most common tips.  Go ahead and see what works for you. You may use natural skin care products and masks as well.  There are plenty of home remedies that you can use as well. Simply do some research into such and keep tabs on what works best for your skin.