Elderly Man Cured Himself of Cancer With Cannabis Oil

March 4th, 2015 | by

There are various ways people diagnosed with cancer try to heal themselves and an elderly man has used cannabis oil in order to cure his. After going through chemo and radiation, Stan Rutner’s body was not doing well. In fact, many chemotherapy patients suffer tremendously going through treatments and Stan was one of them.

Stan was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer with metastasis to the brain. After chemo and radiation, Stan’s body was wiped out.  Stan ended up with radiation pneumonitis, which is inflammation in the lungs due to radiation. He was only given weeks to live and entered hospice in August of 2011.

A believer in alternative medicine, Stan tried Reiki energy treatments, as well as acupuncture. These did not have the effect that he had hoped.  His wife, Barb, began researching cannabis as a solution to his cancer. Stan began taking daytime cannabis capsules infused with coconut oil in November of 2011. About a week after he started taking them, he was able to come off of oxygen.

Then, Stan decided that he wanted to try cannabis. He figured he had nothing to lose by trying it. After a couple of weeks using cannabis, Stan’s condition started to improve. He slept better and he felt stronger. Within a couple of months, Stan felt strong enough to stop using his walker and began taking an exercise class.

Several months later Stan got an MRI to check on his condition and the oncologist had this to say:

“IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.” The cancer was GONE!

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