Irritating conditions that men suffer from more than women

April 28th, 2015 | by

There are plenty of conditions, illnesses and even infestations that men and women suffer with. Yet, there are some conditions that men seem to suffer with predominantly more. This is sometimes because of male-female attitudes being difficult, but many times, it is because of slight physiological differences between men and women that make men more prone to certain conditions. You should also remember that your food intake, job and general environment will have an effect on your health.


Scabies and A Natural Solution


Men are not more prone to scabies than women, but men are more likely to ignore it. A man’s skin is rougher, which may lead a man to ignore a scabies infestation as being just another patch of dry skin. Men are also more likely to leave an infestation for longer than a woman because men are commonly less inclined to visit a doctor.


If you have a very damaging and highly irritating infestation, then seek the advice of a doctor for a medicated solution. If your infestation is in the early stages, you can take a longer but more natural route to recovery. Use Tea Tree oil twice per day, but make sure you buy a diluted compound because some find the pure stuff irritating.


You may also buy soap with Tea Tree Oil in it, which you can use in the bath, shower and day to day as you wash your hands, (your hands being the primary way it spreads around your body). If you are worried about your scalp getting infected, maybe because the scabies are on your neck or face, then you can use a Tea Tree oil shampoo too.


Contrary to popular belief, Tea Tree oil is not poisonous to the scabies parasite. They only die when they swallow it. It slowly lowers their numbers until the infestation disappears. It takes a long time, but it also allows the skin to heal as the infestation dies down. Once again, if the infestation is serious or getting worse, you need to seek a medicated solution before your skin becomes permanently damaged.


Fixing a mild case of hemorrhoids and/or a mild prolapse


Men are more prone to hemorrhoids because men tend to have more fat stored around their stomach, which puts more pressure on the bowel. Plus, men tend to push harder when defecating, both of which are reasons for hemorrhoids.


If you have a painful hemorrhoid or one that itches almost all the time, then you need to see a doctor. If the hemorrhoid is a mild irritation, then you can help yourself heal more naturally.


Start by lowering the amount you eat by at least 50% because most cases of hemorrhoids are caused by overeating. Eat more fiber, get more water, cut your intake of food, and do it for at least two months. Eat stool softeners at least twice per day, usually after meals.


There are some great stool softeners on the pharmaceutical market that are safe and effective, but there are also plenty of alternatives. The world is full of things that can make a human pass stool a little more easily. The most widely known is prunes, which also have high concentrations of antioxidants and may even help prevent heart disease. Chili is also a very effective at softening stools, and spinach can act as a gut sweeper that sweeps your bowel clean.


You need to do these things and eat these foods for at least two months before you start seeing a marked improvement. These techniques can also help stop a prolapse from becoming worse and may even help shrink a prolapse over time.


Curing constipation in a man


Just like hemorrhoids, a man is more prone to constipation. However, in this case it tends to be because a man will eat more than a woman. Most men are physically bigger than women and so should eat more, but some men take this principle a little too far and end up with constipation.


If you are constipated, you should avoid these foods:

+ Pretzels

+ Mashed potato

+ Bananas

+ White pasta

+ Low fiber cereals

+ Cheese

+ Tapioca

+ Boiled white rice

+ White bread

+ White Marshmallows


You should drink a lot more water on a frequent basis, and you should drink more:

+ Prune juice

+ Not from concentrate orange

+ Grape juice

+ Caffeine drinks

+ Red wine

+ Beer


Get a lot more fiber in your diet. Fiber and water will help free up your bowel and get things moving again. You should also cut your food intake until your bowels are moving properly. Remember that your bowel is made up of a great many muscles and moving parts, and if you put it under too much pressure through overeating, you are going to suffer poor efficiency problems such as constipation (or worse).