Top 5 Natural Weight Loss Solutions

December 23rd, 2014 | by

So there you are wondering how to lose weight and you’d like to do it without too much hassle.  That’s quite understandable. No one wants to suffer a lot while they are slimming down.  Fortunately, you can slim down without too much trouble with some natural weight loss solutions that don’t have any nasty side effects.  If you’re looking to understand how to lose weight, consider the following 5 natural ways to weight loss.

  1. Make yourself drink lots of water. You probably won’t want to increase your water intake, but it is advisable that you do.  Health professionals assert that you should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water per day because your cells love water.  Water makes your cells dance happy dances and run smoothly and the more you drink, the fuller you feel. As you know, when you feel full, you’re less likely to reach for those cookies or soda. Make yourself drink lots of water each day and you’ll be well on your way to better health and weight loss.
  2. Eat smaller meals. To shed a few you’re going to have to cut size portions. This means skipping the second or third helpings as well.  Perhaps you can try eating small meals four or five times per day instead of two or three large meals.  This may help you from eating too much at one meal as well.
  3. Get your body in motion. You have heard many times that exercise will help you lose weight and the reason it is mentioned so often is because it is true.  Get your body in motion at least three times per week, but five would be better. Go walking, jogging, dancing, join a fitness class, etc.  Make exercise a regular habit.
  4. Eat more bananas. Yes, eat more bananas and all sorts of other fruits and vegetables.  Instead of having four cups of coffee and cookies for breakfast, grab a banana.  For lunch make yourself a big salad and for dinner, keep it lean with some meat and veggies.  You really are what you eat and when you discipline yourself to eat healthy foods, you become healthier and lose some weight as well.
  5. Psyche yourself up. Want a really excellent key on how to lose weight? Get yourself mentally prepared to do so! Tell yourself each day you can do it. Look in the mirror, point at yourself and declare that you are in charge!  Food is not in charge. Laziness is not in charge. You are!  Listen to motivational audios each day, watch Extreme Weight Loss on television, hire a personal trainer- do whatever you have to in order to keep yourself psyched up and excited about weight loss.

You can lose that weight over time if you are persistent and disciplined. Natural weight loss solutions do work. Be patient, as weight never seems to come off as fast as we tend to put it on. Keep momentum moving forward. You can do it!