Treat Occasional Depression with Simple Natural Remedies

February 16th, 2015 | by

Depression affects so many people and the experts now view it more as the common cold of mental illnesses. The Centers for Disease Control says that over 19 million Americans are dealing with depression. It has also been stated that about 5% to 12% of men and 10% to 25% of women will feel clinically depressed at some point in their lives. So many factors are now making it difficult for people to avoid feeling depressed. It could be due to chemical imbalances in the brain, air ionization, vitamin deficiencies or EMF radiation. The sputtering economy and tenuousness of the job marketing is making things even more difficult.

Interestingly, some people have depression, but they are often too oblivious to their own sadness – or they simply deny it and that worsens the situation. You can treat it only when you know you have it.  It is important that you understand your situation and it’s best to start with certain natural remedies to keep depression at bay.

Develop a Habit to Crash at the Same Time Every Night

Feeling really exhausted is one of the first signs of depression. When you feel depressed, you feel tired. When you feel tired, you tend to sleep longer than you need. The problem is that if you sleep during the day, it will become difficult to sleep at night, which will add to your tiredness. Moreover, sleeping too much will aggravate your symptoms and throw your schedule off-kilter. There will be less room for chores, work, or relaxation. It means that when you feel tired and depressed, you should never succumb to the urge to get some shut-eye. Instead, spend about 10 minutes doing some exercise to stay active during the day and be able to sleep at night.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Traditional “comfort foods” may make you feel good for a short time because they are high in fat and starch, but they lack essential nutrients and often make you feel worse in the end. Keep track of what you eat to understand what triggers your symptoms. You will be better off eating nutrient-dense foods, especially the ones that contain vitamin B6, which helps regulate your mood. For starters, you can include legumes, avocadoes, and dark leafy greens in your diet. For better effects, you need to say no to stimulants like chocolate, caffeine, and nicotine. Skipping alcohol until you get rid of all your depression symptoms is a good idea.

Limit Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

No, it’s not a science thing that you will experience in labs only – we have brought technology home and exposed ourselves to EMF radiation that can cause depression. Devices like smartphones, wireless routers, and wireless-compatible devices emit EMF wave and exposure to these will trigger immune response causing fluctuations in mood. How can you live without your smartphone? You need to learn or you will have to live with depression. For starters, you can invest in a Home EMF Protection System to neutralize some of the effects of EMF. You also need to make a conscious move to limit your smartphone use and trim down your screen time.

Know the Changes in Mood with Changes in Weather

Some people develop a Seasonal Affect Disorder and see their depression symptoms getting worse during the winter because they cannot get enough exposure to bright sunlight. Similarly, you may notice a change in your mood with a change in wind. Some people have reported to see their symptoms getting worse on windy days. This usually happens due to the positive ionization of the air that affects your body’s natural processes. Buying an ionizer for your office and home may well be the answer to this problem.

Take Advantage of Herbal Remedies

Before you start taking all types of antidepressants to correct your condition, it is a good idea to try some herbal remedies first. Several natural remedies are now available with positive effects on people who are worried about mild or occasional depression. St. John’s Wort is one good choice because it’s effective against anxiety, depression and insomnia. Valerian root will also help soothe anxiety – take it in tea for better effects. You can take the omega-3 fatty acids through supplements, fish oil capsule, or fish to boost serotonin levels.

Remember, clinical depression is no fashionable affliction – it can be debilitating and serious. Depression will increase the levels of stress hormones that may lead to inflammation, which in turn may accelerate heart diseases. So, learn more about your condition and find a way to treat depression.